Employee Of The Month

Film Block: E         Cinema:  LAB 2          Date: 01.03.18          Time: 6.30-8.00 PM

Employee of the Month

Director: Caroline Schwarz

Country: Germany

Runtime: 10 mins

Genre: Comedy


Two actors in four roles play and reflect upon the underlying focus of the film, namely: routine. In the process of modernity, people are involved less as individuals in conflict, and more as representatives of a system. Using improvisation, this mockumentary develops its narrative through role- switching, interviews and an abstracted world in order to humorously point out how nurtured principles and predisposed hierarchies present themselves as self-discipline within individuals.

Rated: 15




As a film director, Caroline Schwarz has a passion for creating stylized films. After high school in Germany, she decided to pursue a self-taught education in photography and moving image. Her work has been shown at many international film festivals. She recently started her post-graduate-studies in film, at the KHM in Cologne.