Doing Nothing All day

Film Block: C          Cinema:  LAB 2          Date: 01.03.18          Time: 3.00-4.30 PM

Doing Nothing All Day

Director: Margarete Hentze & Yuval Tzafrir

Country: Germany

Runtime: 62 mins

Genre:  Documentary / Education / Feature


Participation is an artistic medium: the docu FREISTUNDE about self-determined education integrates the experimental film-project Democracy on Super8 with clips by over ninety people. From filmmaker to preschooler – people were invited to take part.

A young mother starts the search for the ideal school for her son and discovers the tradition of democratic schools. She speaks with scientists and protagonists of the democratic education movement in Germany, England, and Israel.

Rated: U




 Born in Munich, Germany, Margarete Hentze is an artist, filmmaker, and mother. This documentary film that she co-directed with  Yuval Tzafrir, asks some fundamental questions about how we educate children today. How can we create a society with people who are able to work together? Is democracy a way of life? Can democratic principles be nurtured in our school system, which is in desperate need of reform?