Film Block: J        Cinema:  LAB 2          Date: 02.03.18          Time: 3.00-4.45 PM


Director: Kerem Altın

Country: Turkey

Runtime: 14 mins

Genre: Drama 


Kenan, a lonely widower, runs a picture frame shop. On an ordinary day, a young woman enters his shop but she is no ordinary customer. She invites Kenan to watch her sing in a local band. Eager to see her again, Kenan accepts the invitation but faces a tough decision as a result.
Rated: 12

Q&A with director Kerem Altın after this block.




Kerem Altın was born in Samsun, Turkey in August 1987. The short films he shot as an undergraduate won him various awards. In 2011, he started studying a Masters in TV, Radio, and Cinema at Istanbul University. After graduating, he began working in film and commercials as a cinematographer and director.