Film Block:         Cinema:  LAB 2          Date: 01.03.18          Time: 1.15-2.45 PM


Director: Chris Tolley and Laura Mullin

Country: Canada

Runtime: 10 mins

Genre:  Drama / Gang Culture 


The mother of 18-year-old Amon Beckles relives the moments that led to his gang-style murder at the funeral of his best friend.

Based the on the true story of Amon Beckles who was gunned down at the funeral of his best friend in Toronto. The film was created from interviews with Amon’s mother, Nadia Beckles. 

Rated: PG




Laura Mullin and Chris Tolley are the founding members of EXPECT, an award-winning multi-arts performance company dedicated to producing cutting-edge, original, multi-disciplinary productions that explore modern urban life. Formed in 1996, the company’ s mission is to is to engage, empower and inspire people through the performing arts by telling engaging narratives in unique and compelling ways.