Avsar (Opportunity)

Film Block: G         Cinema:  LAB 2          Date: 01.03.18          Time: 9.50-11.00 PM

Avsar (Opportunity)

Director: Mohit Goswami

Country: India

Runtime: 70 mins

Genre: Drama / Feature / LGBT / Men


The story starts with the main protagonist (Rachit) and his friend (Shikhar) entering Rachit’s house. Rachit is an urbane guy and Shikhar has a ‘small-town’ rustic charm – the differences between them are evident during their interactions. But as the evening progresses, Rachit recollects some forgotten memories from a distant past. Together, they revisit the roads not taken; and, the lines between the past and the present get blurred. Set in Mumbai, India, this romantic drama is a contemporary take on the life and relationships of a single professional gay man – his understanding of his identity, missed opportunities, and personal choices.




Mohit Goswami started his company Diverse Entertainment, driven by his passion for filmmaking. He encourages young talent to display their skills in acting, direction and script writing.