3 Friends

SUNDAY 05/03/17     BLOCK M     12.00 pm – 1.45 pm

‘ZAAL 4’     LAB111

3 Friends

Movie  22 min   Drama

IRELAND, Completed Sep 2016

DIRECTED BY Michael Moody Culpepper

Based on a Colm Tóibín short story, ‘3 Friends’ follows Fergus, a pensive, young Irishman, who is propelled on a powerful journey that begins at his mother’s funeral and wake. There, Fergus confronts how his family shapes and defines him only to continue this journey at a beach rave where he becomes aware of the defining impact his friendships have on him. Ultimately, it is through death, grief, joy, and sex that Fergus looks inside to define himself..


LGBTQ Short Films

(Documentary, Drama, Music, Dance). Q&A with filmmakers Melinte Reitzema and Maria Guidone follows after this Block.


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